Foundation & Structural Repair

Keep Your Property’s Foundation Sturdy

In addition to offering Central Maryland mold remediation, we also provide foundation and structural repair services as well. Your home’s foundation can be compromised by a variety of factors including water pressure. Because the foundation is the main support of all structural elements in your home, you must maintain it to ensure it remains resilient.

Our foundation and structural repair services include:

  • Installing necessary piers
  • Injecting epoxy materials in cracks
  • Stabilizing carbon fiber walls
  • Replacing walls and floors

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The experienced and certified professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver guaranteed results you can depend on. If you notice cracks in your structure or you walls are beginning to bow, speak with our representatives today to have your foundation inspected. We provide unbeatable service, unparalleled results, and legendary warranties! Contact us at (410) 977-7808 to request a free estimate.

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