Mold Testing

Accurate Air Quality & Clearance Testing

Our team at Phoenix Environmental Group, LLC can test your property for the existence of mold growth. We can gather a surface sample and forward it to an independent laboratory for analysis. If we receive positive results, we can use the data to determine the extent of mold growth.

The results we receive from the lab can reveal the following information:

  • What building materials were affected
  • Where water infiltration may be occurring
  • Visual and environmental mold growth
  • Clearance testing to detect possible hazards

Guaranteed Results You Can Trust

Once the tests are complete, we can provide mold remediation services to effectively remove the affected materials. We offer guaranteed results that will leave your property safe for you and your guests. To inquire about our mold testing services or request a free estimate, please contact our office at 844-MOLD-FREE today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Experienced/Certified Personnel
  • State of the Art Equipment/Techniques